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Chase E Event Highlights

DJ Chase, hailing from the dynamic backgrounds of Orange County and Oregon, has cemented his place in the Los Angeles DJ scene over 16 years. Starting his DJ journey in 2007, Chase quickly progressed from learning the decks to securing a position at a prestigious DJ company. 

With over 500 weddings and up to a thousand events under his belt, DJ Chase brings an unmatched level of expertise and energy to every performance. His sets are renowned for blending newer funk with classic hits, creating a vibrant atmosphere that appeals to all ages. 

Beyond the turntables, DJ Chase's week is filled with music, working as a booking agent, showcasing his deep connection to the industry and commitment to bringing the best musical experiences to life.

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Chase E

About DJ Chase

DJ Chase's extensive career in DJing has seen him perform at a vast array of events, making him a seasoned veteran in creating unforgettable moments on the dance floor. 

His ability to read the room and adjust his MC engagement ensures that every event is tailored to the crowd's energy, whether it requires a more involved approach or a subtle touch to highlight special moments. Chase's dedication to his craft extends beyond weekend gigs; he spends his weekdays as a booking agent for music artists and tours, deepening his involvement in the music industry. Describing himself as unique, chill, and connected, DJ Chase values the honor of being part of someone's special day, cherishing the opportunity to contribute to the celebration of love and commitment. 

His passion for DJing weddings and his broad musical expertise make DJ Chase a distinguished choice for any couple looking to add a memorable soundtrack to their wedding day.

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