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Connor F

Connor F Event Highlights

DJ Connor's journey from Erie, Pennsylvania, through Indianapolis, to ultimately thriving in Los Angeles illustrates his versatile background and adaptability in various music scenes. 

Discovering his love for DJing at a DJ academy in Indianapolis, Connor honed his skills in diverse settings from clubs to restaurants, before realizing his true passion lies in wedding DJing. 

His unique approach ensures every wedding is a joyous, unforgettable celebration, inviting everyone to join in on the fun on the dance floor.

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Connor F

About DJ Connor F

Having grown up with the diverse influences of Erie, Indianapolis, and Los Angeles, DJ Connor brings a unique blend of musical insight and sensitivity to his performances. His ability to read and relate to the crowd, seamlessly guiding the night's energy, sets him apart in the wedding DJ scene. 

Connor prides himself on creating a cohesive atmosphere that merges two families into one through the power of music, celebration, and shared moments. 

Offstage, he's a ramen aficionado, enjoys outdoor activities with his girlfriend, and humorously muses about being the calm, collected guy with a big white beard who has life all figured out. His personality traits—enthusiastic, caring, and thoughtful—shine through in both his personal life and when he's behind the decks, making every event he DJs a heartfelt and engaging experience.

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