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Dimitri F

Dimitri F Event Highlights

DJ Dimitri, emerging from the heart of New Jersey, has quickly become a staple in the event and wedding DJ circuit. With his initial breakthrough via SoundCloud leading to performances at notable venues and festivals, Dimitri specializes in transforming weddings into extraordinary celebrations. 

His keen ability to blend couples' music preferences with his vibrant selections ensures every event is not just heard but felt. Dimitri's signature move—dropping a track that draws a collective cheer from the crowd—exemplifies his talent for creating unforgettable moments. 

Known for his energetic, outgoing personality, DJ Dimitri guarantees a fun-filled atmosphere that resonates with every guest.

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Dimitri F

About DJ Dimitri F

Starting his DJ journey in 2011 after a serendipitous discovery on SoundCloud, DJ Dimitri, or Meech, has carved out a niche in the competitive DJ scene. 

From his early days in Northern New Jersey to rocking crowds in Los Angeles and Orange County, Dimitri has demonstrated a flair for engaging diverse audiences. His dedication shines at weddings, where he meticulously crafts playlists to mirror the couple's musical journey, sprinkled with his dynamic twist. 

Whether it's the timeless appeal of Whitney Houston or the funky vibes of the Commodores, Dimitri's sets are a masterclass in crowd-pleasing. His attributes—energetic, outgoing, and fun—aren't just facets of his personality but the foundation of every performance he delivers.

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