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Dymon B

Dymon B Event Highlights

DJ Dymon, born Diamond Bachmann, is a dynamic presence in the DJ world, with a unique background that sets her apart. 

An army veteran with extensive global experience, Dymon's musical journey has taken her from the vibrant cityscapes of Vegas to the diverse cultures of Texas, Germany, Missouri, Kuwait, and Iraq. 

Her music selections are influenced by the legends of electronic dance music, like Calvin Harris and Swedish House Mafia, but she also finds inspiration in contemporary house mavens like Mark Knight and Lo Stepa. DJ Dymon's sets are renowned for their energetic mixes of house, pop, and early 2000s hip-hop and rap, captivating audiences with her fun, dedicated, and humble approach to every gig.

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Dymon B

About DJ Dymon B

DJ Dymon's passion for music shines through her diverse tastes and rich life experiences. Raised in Vegas, her career in the army allowed her to explore the world, gathering musical influences from various corners of the globe. 

This eclectic background informs her favorite genre, house music, including tech house and progressive house, while maintaining a soft spot for catchy pop tunes and the unforgettable beats of early 2000s hip-hop and rap. 

Dymon's love for music is matched by her admiration for Mariah Carey, citing "Fantasy" as an ideal wedding track. Beyond music, Dymon's favorite city is Amsterdam, known for its party scene and welcoming atmosphere. At weddings, DJ Dymon thrives on the challenge of uniting diverse crowds through the universal language of music, creating unforgettable nights filled with love, friendship, and family.

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