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Ethan S

Ethan S Event Highlights

DJ Ethan, a Santa Cruz native and a Pink Floyd enthusiast, brings a unique blend of academia and artistry to the DJ scene. 

With an educational background from Princeton University and a master's in acting from the University of San Diego, DJ Ethan's approach to music is both intellectual and deeply passionate. 

Identifying as a renaissance man in music, he believes in the power of genre diversity, emphasizing that good music transcends categories. DJ Ethan's style is fun, friendly, and positive, ensuring every event he DJs, especially weddings, is elevated by his keen sense of crowd reading and impeccable timing. His commitment to the "love industry" showcases his dedication to making every couple's special day unforgettable.

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Ethan S

About DJ Ethan S

DJ Ethan's journey from the sunny shores of Santa Cruz to the prestigious halls of Princeton and the University of San Diego has shaped him into a DJ with a broad musical and cultural perspective. His foundation in hip-hop, honed through college DJ gigs, complements his love for all music genres, from rock to electronic. 

Ethan's multifaceted talents extend beyond the DJ booth; he's proficient in drums, bass, guitar, keys, and vocals, contributing to his band, Samson and Stone. 

His DJ and MC style, centered on enhancing the party atmosphere by playing the right song at the right moment, is informed by his acting background, allowing him to connect with audiences on a deeper level. Choosing to specialize in weddings, DJ Ethan thrives on the joy and love that encapsulate such occasions, aiming to leave a lasting impression on every celebration he's part of.

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