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Mike G

Mike Event Highlights

DJ Mike, real name Michael Mike Gates, kicked off his DJ career with an entrepreneurial spirit in sixth grade, turning a passion into a profession with a simple setup and a keen ear for music. 

A graduate of Saint Pete College in St. Petersburg, Florida, DJ Mike has carved a niche in the wedding industry, embracing the challenge of entertaining diverse crowds. 

His talent lies in crafting sets that span generations, seamlessly blending wedding classics with the latest hits to keep the dance floor alive. With a foundation in radio, DJ Mike's MC skills enhance the celebratory atmosphere, making every moment memorable without overshadowing the music.

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Mike G

About DJ Mike

DJ Mike's journey into the world of DJing began with an early fascination for mixing tracks and has evolved into a celebrated career focused on wedding entertainment. 

His ability to cater to a broad audience stems from a genuine love for music of all eras, making him a favorite among couples seeking a dynamic soundtrack for their special day. DJ Mike's philosophy centers on the importance of wedding classics as a launchpad for the evening's festivities, believing in the timeless appeal of tracks like "September" and "Saturday Night Fever." Beyond DJing, DJ Mike draws inspiration from artists like Anderson .Paak, admiring their versatility and musicianship—qualities he strives to embody in his own performances. 

Known for his addictive work ethic, passion, and outgoing nature, DJ Mike is dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience for every couple he works with, proving that the right DJ can turn a good celebration into an extraordinary one.

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