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Richie S

Richie S Event Highlights

DJ Richie, The Organic Hispanic, stands out with his dual passion for spinning records and gardening, teaching kids the roots of food and music alike in Chula Vista. 

Beginning in 2000, his DJ journey is intertwined with his career in education, showcasing his multifaceted personality. Richie's eclectic vinyl collection, which spans the golden eras of disco, funk, and '90s hip-hop, fuels his vibrant sets. 

His events are known for their flawless execution, where cumbia-hip-hop mashups ignite the dance floor, creating a lively, unforgettable atmosphere for every celebration he touches.

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Richie S

About DJ Richie S

Embarking on his DJ career the same year he stepped into the classroom, DJ Richie has cultivated a rich legacy of musical exploration and education. 

His early fascination with his mother's vinyl records laid the groundwork for a broad musical repertoire, deeply influenced by the hyphy movement and icons like Depeche Mode and the Beastie Boys. Beyond the decks, Richie's commitment to flawless events reflects in his meticulous planning and execution, striving for perfection to create seamless experiences. 

His ability to engage audiences, whether through Spanglish transitions or relatable humor likened to George Lopez, underscores his unique presence in the DJ world. DJ Richie isn't just playing music; he's crafting a soundtrack for memorable moments, ensuring that each event's energy and joy are felt long after the night ends.

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