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Terrell W

Terrell W Event Highlights

DJ Terrell, igniting the Los Angeles DJ scene with his vibrant energy and unmatched skills, traces his roots to a rich musical heritage inspired by his father. 

Since 2005, he has been captivating audiences with his open-format DJing style, seamlessly blending Latin rhythms and hip-hop beats. His prowess was refined through dedicated study and teaching at Scratch DJ Academy, where he evolved from a curious student to a revered professor. 

Known for his dynamic mixing, scratching, and engaging MC presence, DJ Terrell is the go-to DJ for anyone looking to elevate their event with unforgettable music experiences.

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Terrell W

About DJ Terrell

Embarking on his DJ journey at a young age, DJ Terrell quickly distinguished himself as a versatile and innovative performer. Moving to Los Angeles in his early twenties, he immersed himself in the local music scene, contributing his unique sound to various nightclubs and private events. 

His educational journey at Scratch DJ Academy not only sharpened his technical skills but also enabled him to mentor aspiring DJs, sharing his passion and expertise. With a setlist that guarantees to get guests on the dance floor, DJ Terrell's favorite tracks, like Usher's "Yeah!" showcase his ability to transcend generational music preferences. 

Beyond the decks, his experiences, such as positively impacting couples on cruise ships, highlight the profound effect music can have, reaffirming his love for DJing. DJ Terrell's approach to music and performance is characterized by his loyalty, wit, and humor, making every gig not just a party but a memorable story.

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