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Yardy T

Yardy T Event Highlights

DJ Yardy, hailing from the vibrant city of Omaha, Nebraska, brings a unique fusion of jazz influences and hip-hop beats to the turntables. 

Starting his DJ journey at 21, inspired by his brother and a deep-rooted family passion for music, Yardy's sets are an eclectic mix that reflects his diverse musical upbringing. From Miles Davis to Jay-Z, and Herbie Hancock to DMX, his performances are a homage to the greats across genres. 

With a background enriched by playing the saxophone and engaging in rap battles over beat machines with his dad, DJ Yardy's approach to music is deeply personal and highly engaging.

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Yardy T

About DJ Yardy T

DJ Yardy's love for DJing weddings stems from his desire to showcase his multifaceted personality and connect with people on a personal level. 

He prides himself on being an attentive listener, often incorporating special requests from the bride and groom, or even a memorable song mentioned in passing, to create a truly customized and unforgettable experience. Yardy's DJ style is dynamic and responsive, always tuned into the crowd's vibe and ready to shift gears to keep the energy high. 

Whether it's blending classic tunes like "Hollaback Girl" with crowd-pleasers from Bruno Mars or the Backstreet Boys, his goal is to kickstart the party and keep it going strong. Describing himself as outgoing, personable, and authentic, DJ Yardy's presence behind the decks is not just about playing music; it's about creating moments that last a lifetime.

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