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Adrian M

Adrian M Event Highlights

DJ Adrian lights up any event with his fun, happy, and caring personality, making him a favorite amongst couples looking for a vibrant musical atmosphere at their weddings. Currently, his sets are energized by the rhythms of Bad Bunny, drawing guests of all ages onto the dance floor. 

Adrian's versatility shines as he seamlessly blends genres like Bachata, Merengue, and Cumbia, creating unforgettable experiences. A fan of Alesso, Adrian credits "Pressure" as the track that deepened his love for house music. 

Fluent in both Spanish and English, he caters to a diverse crowd, ensuring everyone feels included. With a background in music production and a passion for photography, Adrian brings a creative and professional approach to every gig, aiming to fill the event with joy and memorable moments.

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Adrian M

About DJ Adrian M

Raised in a culture vibrant with music, DJ Adrian's journey into the world of DJing was influenced by his deep-rooted love for Latin beats and the electrifying energy of house music. Holding a degree in music production, Adrian not only spins records but also creates his own, adding a personal touch to his performances. 

His bilingual abilities in Spanish and English allow him to connect deeply with audiences, making every wedding celebration inclusive and lively. The highlight of his career so far has been DJing a magical wedding on Catalina Island, where the backdrop of the sea and sky made the music and emotions soar. 

Beyond the decks, Adrian is an avid photographer, capturing moments of beauty and joy, reflecting his keen eye for detail and storytelling. For Adrian, the pinnacle of every wedding is witnessing the pure happiness of the couple as they dance surrounded by loved ones, affirming his belief in the power of music to bring people together and celebrate love.

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