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Andy R

Andy R Event Highlights

DJ Andy Rossi, once known by the moniker DJ Fantasy, has embraced his true identity to become a celebrated figure in the DJ world. 

With a demeanor that's fun, friendly, and caring, Andy has carved a niche for himself, not just behind the decks but also as a filmmaker with a penchant for comedy and shorts. His latest film, which humorously explores an unexpected journey in prison, showcases his diverse talents and has been making rounds in the festival circuit. 

Beyond his cinematic achievements, Andy's passion for music spans various genres, with a particular fondness for deep house and artists like Arizona. Drawing inspiration from early influences such as Bobby Brown's 1991 album "Dance," Andy's musical taste is as eclectic as his creative endeavors. His journey into DJing began in his youth, assisting his uncle in Chicago, which ignited a lifelong passion for influencing crowds through music.

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Andy R

About Andy R

From carrying equipment for his uncle's DJ business in Chicago to becoming a mainstay in the DJ scene, DJ Andy's musical journey is a testament to his enduring love for music and performance. This early exposure not only sparked his interest in DJing but also laid the foundation for his understanding of crowd dynamics and the power of the right track at the right time. 

Despite his self-proclaimed modest dance skills, Andy's ability to curate sets that resonate with his audience's musical tastes demonstrates his keen intuition for what makes a party memorable. Beyond the turntables, Andy's creative spirit flourishes in filmmaking, where his work, notably a comedy that has received festival accolades, reveals a multifaceted artist dedicated to storytelling, whether through film or music. 

Andy's eclectic music preferences, from the nostalgic beats of Bobby Brown to the contemporary sounds of Arizona, mirror his diverse artistic influences and his ability to adapt and evolve with the ever-changing musical landscape.

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