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Bryan N

Bryan N Event Highlights

DJ Bryan blends his passion for electronic music with his love for aviation. 

Born and raised in the cornfields of Ohio before making his way to Los Angeles, Bryan's journey from aspiring musician to a dynamic DJ is as unique as his alter ego. 

Certified to fly any single-engine piston-powered propeller airplane, Bryan's love for flying parallels his passion for music, allowing him to perform his electronic tracks live as DJ Aviator, taking audiences on a soaring musical journey.

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Bryan N

About DJ Bryan N

Starting with a deep love for house music and evolving into an open-format DJ, Bryan enjoys playing everything from pop and hip-hop to top 40 hits, creating an unforgettable experience at weddings and celebrations. 

His move from Ohio to Cincinnati and eventually Los Angeles marked the beginning of a vibrant career in music production and DJing, where he discovered DJing as the perfect avenue to share his electronic music live. At weddings, DJ Bryan thrives on the celebratory energy, engaging crowds with a mix of personal favorites like Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, and even a unique blend of Sade and "Billie Jean". 

Describing himself as funny, kind, and charismatic, Bryan's goal at every event is to create a night to remember, inviting everyone to take flight with him on a musical adventure.

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