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Chondell L

Chondell L Event Highlights

DJ Chondell, hailing from the frosty landscapes of Buffalo, New York, and now lighting up Las Vegas, entered the DJ scene in 2012 with a unique entry point. 

Unlike many, she didn't adopt a DJ moniker because she believes in being authentically herself in all her endeavors. Chondell's journey began when the need arose for DJs who could bring a personal touch to weddings, leading her to transition from her background in singing and acting into DJing. T

his approach has allowed her to connect deeply with her audience, ensuring every event is infused with energy and emotion. DJ Chondell's love for all genres of music and her ability to control the mood of a room make her a versatile and dynamic performer, dedicated to making every moment memorable.

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Chondell L

About DJ Chondell

DJ Chondell's foray into DJing weddings was sparked by an industry need for DJs who could offer a more personable experience, leveraging her skills in singing and acting for a seamless transition into DJing. 

This background has endowed her with an extensive appreciation for various music genres, from the timeless hits of Earth, Wind & Fire to the energetic beats of "Uptown Funk." Chondell's philosophy revolves around the power of music to elevate spirits and get people moving, a task she approaches with enthusiasm and gratitude. Her involvement in each event is thoughtful and measured; she engages with the crowd to kickstart the celebration and knows precisely when to let the music speak for itself. 

Describing herself as a shy extrovert, Chondell embodies the duality of being both a reflective artist and a vibrant performer, making her a cherished presence at any wedding. Her emotional connection to the celebrations she enhances is profound, demonstrating her deep commitment to her craft and the joy it brings to those around her.

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