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Chris C

Chris C Event Highlights

In the vibrant landscape of Los Angeles' music scene, DJ Chris stands out with his dynamic hip-hop sets that pay homage to the golden era of the early '90s. His profound love for the art form and culture of hip-hop is the driving force behind his electrifying performances. 

As a master of ceremonies and a DJ, Chris brings an unmatched energy and enthusiasm to every event, ensuring a memorable experience that keeps the party alive from start to finish. 

With his roots in the Philippines and a heart firmly planted in L.A., DJ Chris embodies a unique blend of cultural influences, making his sets not only a listening experience but a journey through the history and evolution of hip-hop.

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Chris C

About DJ Chris C

Chris Quinza, better known as DJ Chris, is a Filipino-American DJ who has become a staple in Los Angeles' entertainment scene. His journey into music began with emceeing parties, which naturally evolved into a career behind the turntables in 2018. 

His eclectic taste in music spans across genres, from funk and soul to R&B and house, reflecting his diverse background and broad musical expertise. Chris's dedication to his craft is evident in his continuous exploration of music, including producing and embracing genres like new-age jazz and modern funk. 

His approach to DJing weddings is particularly notable, focusing on the celebration of love and unity with a playlist that's as inclusive as it is exhilarating. Beyond his professional achievements, Chris's down-to-earth personality and commitment to spreading joy through music make him a beloved figure among clients and peers alike.

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