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Cody N

Cody N Event Highlights

DJ Cody, known on stage as The Cartographer, charts a unique course through the musical landscape, offering listeners a journey across genres with a special focus on house music. 

Originating from Grass Valley, California, with significant time spent in Seattle, DJ Cody's approach is to provide an open-format experience, embracing the diversity of music. His performances are adventures in sound, designed to show audiences the vast world of music, from the depth of electronic beats to the peaks of indie rock. 

DJ Cody's dynamic presence and knack for reading the room ensure every event becomes a memorable musical expedition.

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Cody N

About DJ Cody N

Embarking on his DJ career in 2015, DJ Cody has quickly established himself as a versatile and engaging performer. His early exposure to a variety of music, coupled with a background in music business from Columbia College, laid the foundation for his eclectic DJ style. 

Beyond the decks, Cody is deeply committed to his project, Mostly Magic, focusing on house music while still honoring his love for all genres. 

This dedication to music extends into his personal life, where he and his fiancée explore the U.S. in their converted van, bringing his passion for DJing to weddings and events nationwide. DJ Cody's life is a testament to his belief in music's power to connect and inspire, making him not just a DJ, but a musical journeyman.

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