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Cullen M

Cullen M Event Highlights

DJ Cullen stands at the crossroads of music exploration and artistic dedication. His foray into DJing began in 2013, performing at weddings and parties for family and friends, transforming a fervent hobby into a calling. 

By 2016, Cullen's commitment to his craft led him to pursue DJing full-time, marking a pivotal turn in his career towards hosting larger-scale professional events. 

Specializing in bringing the best music and entertainment to any setting, DJ Cullen excels in everything from casual backyard gatherings to lavish weddings, ensuring the night's soundtrack is unforgettable.

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Cullen M

About DJ Cullen M

DJ Cullen showcases his deep-seated connection to music and its transformative ability to conjure emotions and anchor memories. His venture into professional DJing in 2016 signified his readiness to elevate events with his curated sounds across a spectrum of occasions, from intimate celebrations to grand matrimonial ceremonies. 

DJ Cullen's philosophy revolves around enhancing each event's atmosphere through meticulously selected playlists, catering to diverse musical tastes and preferences. 

His versatility and fervor for music make every event a distinct, memorable experience, whether it's set against the backdrop of Malibu's picturesque landscapes or the warmth of a family's backyard.

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