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Daniel C

Daniel C Event Highlights

DJ Daniel is a standout talent in Los Angeles, known for his vibrant energy and eclectic music selection. Since 2017, he's been the heartbeat of countless weddings and private events, blending genres from the soulful '80s and '90s to the pulsating beats of contemporary hip-hop and pop. 

His unique ability to intertwine music with moments of stand-up comedy ensures every event is not only a celebration but an unforgettable experience. 

DJ Daniel's passion for creating the perfect atmosphere, where every track promises to bring the dance floor to life, has made him a beloved figure in the DJ scene.

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Daniel C

About DJ Daniel C

Hailing from Los Angeles, DJ Daniel has crafted a career that mirrors the diverse musical landscape of his city. Inspired by the rich sounds of the '80s and a deep appreciation for hip-hop and R&B, his sets are a testament to his wide-ranging musical tastes. 

Daniel's background as a stand-up comedian infuses his DJing with a rare blend of humor and rhythm, making every event he plays at uniquely engaging. 

With favorites like Drake and Kanye in his repertoire, alongside classics from The Eagles, DJ Daniel knows just what it takes to create that "pop" moment on the dance floor. His dedication to delivering performances that are both funny and energetic makes him the go-to DJ for anyone looking to make their special day truly memorable.

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