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Danny L

Danny L Event Highlights

DJ Danny, born Daniel Lopez in La Puente, California, is a dynamic force in the DJ world, known for his artistic flair and passion for music production. Since launching his career in 2019, DJ Danny has become synonymous with versatile sets that traverse reggaeton, Latin beats, hip-hop, and house music. 

Specializing in weddings and private events, he has a knack for reading the room and delivering crowd-pleasers like Bruno Mars' "24K Magic," ensuring the dance floor stays alive. 

His resilience, dedication, and responsible approach make every event a seamless blend of rhythm and celebration.

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Danny L

About DJ Danny

Embarking on his DJ journey with a love for reggaeton and an eagerness to explore various musical landscapes, DJ Danny has established himself as a sought-after DJ for weddings and private events. 

With a rich background in music, including skills in guitar and saxophone, DJ Danny's sets are more than just playlists; they're immersive experiences that reflect his deep musical knowledge and creativity. His early focus on the wedding industry allowed him to perfect the art of entertaining diverse audiences, with a repertoire that includes everything from pop hits to hip-hop anthems. 

DJ Danny's commitment to fulfilling client requests and his ability to keep the dance floor engaged showcase his adaptability and passion for DJing. Above all, DJ Danny finds joy in the perfect mix, where beat matching and effects come together to create moments of musical bliss.

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