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Enrique L

Enrique L Event Highlights

DJ Enrique from Lima, Peru, brings a rich blend of cultural and musical influences to the vibrant DJ scene in Los Angeles. 

Having lived and honed his craft in Brooklyn, New York for seven years before moving to LA in 2019, Enrique combines classic tracks with contemporary hits to create unforgettable dance floor experiences. 

Fluent in Spanish and English, his multicultural background enhances his ability to connect with diverse crowds, ensuring a personalized and engaging entertainment experience.

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Enrique L

About DJ Enrique L

Enrique's journey into DJing began in the early 2000s, inspired by icons like Daft Punk and newer influences such as Calvin Harris and Odesza. With a vast collection of over a thousand records spanning continents and a catalog of 350 tracks, Enrique's expertise isn't just in playing music but also in producing it. 

Since 2007, he has been actively producing music, with his work predominantly focused on house genres, and has released around 15 vinyl records. 

His sets often feature unique private edits and mixes that can't be heard anywhere else, making each performance exclusive and tailored to the occasion. Known for his outgoing, meticulous, and professional demeanor, Enrique is dedicated to crafting the perfect atmosphere for weddings and other celebratory events.

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