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Eric M

Eric M Event Highlights

DJ Eric, initially diving into the world of DJing in 2014, quickly found his footing in the EDM scene before branching out to embrace a wider array of genres. Known for his adaptability, Eric can curate the perfect atmosphere for any event, from laid-back rooftop vibes with classic Calvin Harris tracks to high-energy dance floors pulsating with the intense beats of Skrillex and Showtek. 

Beyond spinning tracks, Eric is deeply passionate about EDM production, a craft he has been refining over the last four or five years, further showcasing his dedication to the music industry. 

With charisma, passion, and drive as his hallmarks, Eric stands ready to bring his dynamic and engaging performances to audiences across Los Angeles and beyond.

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Eric M

About DJ Eric M

Eric's educational journey through four different schools, including the prestigious Icon Collective, significantly shaped his approach to music, equipping him with a broad skill set that spans beyond DJing into the realm of production. 

This diverse background has instilled in him a deep appreciation for music's power to unite and energize, qualities he brings to every performance. 

A veteran of EDC Las Vegas, Eric draws inspiration from the festival's electric atmosphere, aiming to replicate that sense of communal joy and celebration in his own sets. While he may not rely on a single "go-to" track to ignite the dance floor, classics like "Shout" remain in his arsenal for their timeless ability to get people moving. For Eric, the most rewarding aspect of DJing weddings is witnessing the sheer happiness of people celebrating life's milestones, a sentiment that keeps him passionate about delivering unforgettable musical experiences.

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