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Fredy S

Fredy S Event Highlights

DJ Fredy, emerging from Los Angeles with a vibrant passion for house music, has been setting the pace for unforgettable events since 2019. 

His musical journey, fueled by the beats of Honey Dijon and Green Velvet, resonates through his meticulously curated sets that blend deep house and tech vibes. With a knack for beat-matching and creating seamless transitions, DJ Fredy transforms every venue into an inclusive dance haven. 

His bilingual prowess adds a unique flair to weddings, ensuring every guest, regardless of language, feels the beat. Attentive, personable, and adaptable, DJ Fredy's presence guarantees a celebration that echoes long after the last note fades.

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Fredy S

About DJ Fredy S

Initiating his DJ career amidst the backdrop of a global pause, DJ Fredy, also known as Trevi during his Long Beach State days, discovered his calling on the dance floors of LA's vibrant party scene. 

His early investment in a DDJ 400 controller marked the beginning of a deep dive into the art of DJing, where he honed his skills and developed a distinctive style that pays homage to the origins of house music. DJ Fredy's events are celebrated for their cultural and musical diversity, offering a sonic journey from the streets of Detroit to the clubs of Chicago. Preferring to let the music speak, he seldom takes to the mic, instead focusing on crafting an atmosphere where energy and rhythm speak louder than words. 

Specializing in bilingual weddings, Fredy effortlessly bridges language gaps, creating unified moments of joy and celebration. His commitment to perfection and creating lasting memories defines every performance, with classic hits like "Staying Alive" by the Bee Gees becoming instant highlights.

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