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Gerron C

Gerron C Event Highlights

DJ Gerron, a dynamic and eclectic DJ and producer from Columbus, Ohio, has made waves across the music scene from Chicago to Los Angeles. 

His journey into the world of DJing began at a college party, sparking a passion that led him to purchase his first set of turntables. Gerron prides himself on his ability to blend genres seamlessly, from '90s hip-hop to rock, pop, and funk, with influences from musical legends like Biggie, Michael Jackson, Pharrell, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé. His all-time favorite track, Michael Jackson's "Lady in My Life," epitomizes his deep appreciation for musical composition and synergy. 

Known for his eccentric, energetic, and creative approach, DJ Gerron strives to bring a unique and memorable experience to every event, catering to the couple's desires and meticulously reading the crowd to ensure a night of perfect musical harmony.

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Gerron C

About DJ Gerron C

Gerron's musical path is marked by an unwavering dedication to his craft and a unique ability to connect with his audience on an intimate level. With roots in Columbus, Ohio, and a formative period in Chicago, Gerron has honed his skills and expanded his musical repertoire to include a broad spectrum of sounds and styles. 

His approach to DJing is characterized by an open format and eclectic taste, allowing him to adapt to any crowd and occasion. Beyond the decks, Gerron's passion for music extends to deconstructing compositions, as evidenced by his fascination with Michael Jackson's "Lady in My Life," which he once listened to 74 times in a single night.

Outside of music, Gerron's eclectic nature is reflected in his choice of pets, having once named a pet rabbit Roshawn in a whimsical moment of inspiration. For Gerron, DJing weddings is more than just playing music; it's about embracing the challenge of delivering a couple's vision for their special day and contributing to a celebration of love and joy.

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