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Henry J

Henry J Event Highlights

DJ Henry, also known as DJ Indy, a name bestowed upon him by a client, has carved a niche for himself in the DJ world with his energetic and engaging sets. 

Starting his journey in 2003, Henry quickly transitioned from club scenes to mastering weddings and events, bringing a decade's worth of experience to every performance. Born and raised in Los Angeles before venturing to Las Vegas for school, DJ Henry has a diverse background that enriches his music selection, making every event memorable. 

Known for his loyalty, humor, and infectious energy, DJ Henry ensures that from the grand entrance to the last song, the dance floor remains packed, reflecting his ability to connect with and entertain a crowd of any size.

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Henry J

About DJ Henry J

DJ Henry's passion for music and DJing ignited in the bustling nightlife of clubs, leading him to purchase his first set of turntables in 2003. His love for house music and 90s R&B, a nod to his high school years, forms the foundation of his musical taste, allowing him to create an atmosphere that resonates with a broad audience. 

Over the years, DJ Henry has become a fixture in the wedding scene, known for his ability to read the room and adapt his style to suit the occasion. With a preference for letting the music speak, he adopts a "less is more" approach to MCing, ensuring the focus remains on the celebration. 

A notable moment in his career was DJing for a 400-person wedding, a testament to his skill in maintaining high energy and a full dance floor throughout the event. DJ Henry's commitment to excellence and his ability to blend genres like house, EDM, and timeless tracks from the likes of Tribe Called Quest and Bob Marley, make him a versatile and sought-after DJ in the industry.

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