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Ivan C

Ivan C Event Highlights

DJ Ivan, a Los Angeles native, discovered his passion for DJing through the vibrant energy of house music and the unique joy of celebrating love at weddings. 

Starting with no experience and driven by sheer enthusiasm, Ivan quickly made a name for himself, proving that with the right groove, any event can turn into an unforgettable celebration. Specializing in house, tech house, and disco, as well as being proficient in Latin genres, Ivan brings a dynamic blend of music to cater to diverse crowds. 

Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or a lively party requiring the rhythms of reggaeton and banda, DJ Ivan ensures every moment is filled with energy and love.

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Ivan C

About DJ Ivan C

From a curious beginner to a sought-after DJ in Los Angeles, DJ Ivan's journey began with an impromptu gig that ignited his passion for DJing. His love for house music, with influences from tech house and disco, drives his performances, setting a high-energy backdrop for any event. Ivan finds weddings particularly rewarding, drawn to the genuine celebrations of love, a sentiment that resonates with his optimistic and ambitious nature. Fluent in the musical language of both English and Spanish events, he seamlessly blends top hits with traditional Latin tunes, ensuring a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. Described as optimistic, ambitious, and goofy, DJ Ivan is not just about playing music; he's about creating memorable experiences that bring people together.

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