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Jake L

Jake L Event Highlights

DJ Jake stands out in the dynamic world of DJing with a lineage of musical talent and an early inspiration from the EDM giants of the 2010s. 

Influenced by the likes of David Guetta and Steve Aoki, DJ Jake has carved a niche for himself, blending dance pop with an evolving passion for house music. His journey, enriched by a familial legacy in music, seamlessly transitions from piano and ukulele strums to commanding digital turntables at weddings and parties. 

Known for his confidence, passion, and boundless energy, DJ Jake specializes in creating unforgettable moments, uniting dance floors with timeless tracks and the latest house beats.

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Jake L

About DJ Jake L

DJ Jake's musical odyssey began in a household resonating with the beats and rhythms of his DJ father, setting the stage for his own path in music. His venture into DJing, sparked by the EDM revolution of the 2010s, has seen him evolve from a fan of dance pop to a purveyor of house, tech house, and bassline music. 

Embracing the EDM scene, DJ Jake has developed a keen ear for tracks that not only get the party started but ensure it's a memorable one, especially at weddings where classics like "We Are Family" become the anthem of unity and celebration. 

With a background that includes dabbling in music theory and learning instruments like the guitar and ukulele, DJ Jake's approach to DJing is deeply rooted in a comprehensive understanding of music's power to connect people. His sets are a testament to his ability to blend genres and generations, making every event an inclusive and vibrant celebration.

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