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Jason C

Jason C Event Highlights

DJ Jason, embracing a vibrant mix of Southern U.S. and Central Korean heritage, launched his DJ career in 2015, fueled by his foundational passion for music and dance. 

His selection as DJ Jason, derived from a spontaneous moment with a friend, reflects his unique background and approach to music. 

Specializing in fun and R&B genres, Jason believes in the universal groove of these styles, with Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" standing out as a surprising crowd-pleaser in his sets. His proficiency in Korean adds a personal touch to weddings, especially those celebrating Korean heritage, making him a versatile choice for diverse celebrations.

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Jason C

About DJ Jason C

Born of a diverse heritage, with a father from the American South and a mother from Seoul, DJ Jason grew up in the U.S., deeply connected to his Korean roots. This blend of cultures has significantly influenced his musical tastes and DJing style. 

Before stepping into the DJ scene, Jason's journey in the arts began with dancing, laying the groundwork for his deep-seated love for music. He is fluent in Korean, a skill that has enabled him to connect with Korean weddings, adding a layer of authenticity and personalization to these events. 

DJ Jason finds joy in the uninhibited energy of wedding guests, celebrating the pure, carefree moments on the dance floor. His favorite aspect of DJing weddings is witnessing people, regardless of their dancing skills, lose themselves to the music—a testament to his belief that the essence of a great party lies in genuine enjoyment and self-expression.

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