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Jason F

Jason F Event Highlights

DJ Jason brings over two decades of experience to his dynamic performances, showcasing an exceptional ability to blend a vast array of sounds that reflect his deep musical background. 

With origins in New York and a long-standing presence in Los Angeles, he has mastered the art of engaging diverse audiences with his eclectic taste. From funk and soul to hip-hop and R&B, DJ Jason's sets are a testament to his love for music in all its forms. 

His commitment to creating the perfect atmosphere for any event makes him the ideal choice for those looking to make their special occasion unforgettable. DJ Jason's approach to DJing focuses on the power of music to unite and inspire, ensuring every guest leaves with lasting memories.

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Jason F

About DJ Jason F

With a career spanning over twenty years, DJ Jason has established himself as a prominent figure in the DJing scene, known for his versatile and engaging sets. 

A native of New York with a significant tenure in Los Angeles, his performances are a vibrant celebration of both coasts' musical influences. His experience includes notable highlights such as opening for the Wu-Tang Clan and participating in the NBA All-Star Game, where his ability to connect with the audience has turned challenges into triumphs. 

Despite his impressive accomplishments, DJ Jason remains grounded, preferring to let his mixes take center stage rather than dominating the mic. His broad musical range, covering genres from hip-hop to house, paired with his unique ability to read and respond to the crowd, makes every performance a bespoke experience. DJ Jason's dedication to his craft and his audience's enjoyment is evident in every set he plays, ensuring a memorable experience for all involved.

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