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Jeff C

Jeff C Event Highlights

DJ Jeff has been lighting up weddings with his vibrant DJing since 1996. Hailing from Manhattan Beach, California, he brings a blend of sunny disposition and musical expertise to every event. 

Combining his passions for teaching, surfing, and music, DJ Jeff creates unforgettable wedding experiences with an approach that's as heartfelt as it is professional. Known for his friendly, easygoing nature, he specializes in making each wedding seamless and special, often finding himself moved by the ceremonies he plays for. 

His dedication to ensuring every couple's needs are met makes him a sought-after DJ for those looking to celebrate their love with the perfect soundtrack.

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Jeff C

About DJ Jeff C

DJ Jeff's journey into the world of wedding DJing began in middle school, driven by a deep-rooted love for music and an early push towards independence. 

His career, which took off after college, is marked by a commitment to providing tailored musical experiences for each wedding he plays. As a high school science teacher by day and a DJ by night, Jeff embodies a unique blend of passions. 

His love for the ocean and surfing speaks to his California soul, while his role as a teacher reflects his nurturing and attentive nature. DJ Jeff's approach to DJing is focused on being attentive to the couple's wishes, ensuring their wedding day is as joyful and memorable as they envisioned. His style is a testament to his adaptability, friendliness, and unwavering professionalism, making every celebration he's a part of truly one-of-a-kind.

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