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Johnny Y

Johnny Y Event Highlights

DJ Johnny, hailing from El Monte, California, first ventured into the world of DJing in 2011, inspired by the electrifying atmosphere of dance music festivals. 

His passion was ignited after witnessing a performance by Above & Beyond, leading him to dream of commanding stages himself. Specializing in a wide spectrum of dance music, DJ Johnny excels in creating a vibrant, groovy vibe that ensures no one feels left out on the dance floor. 

His DJing style focuses on meticulous mixing and the curation of universally appealing song selections, aiming to include every guest in the joy of the moment. With a penchant for underrated hits like Bruno Mars's "Finesse," Johnny brings a fresh take to classic grooves, making him a standout DJ for any celebratory occasion.

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Johnny Y

About DJ Johnny

DJ Johnny's journey into DJing was sparked by his love for the energy and community of electronic dance music festivals. This inspiration led him to pursue DJing with a focus on dance music, celebrating the power of rhythm and movement to bring people together. 

Johnny prides himself on his ability to curate sets that resonate with all attendees, blending modern hits with timeless classics to create a dynamic dance floor experience. His approach is underpinned by values of inclusivity and joy, ensuring his performances are memorable parts of significant milestones like weddings. 

Johnny describes himself as chill, creative, and considerate—a combination that not only influences his music selections but also his interaction with clients and guests. For Johnny, DJing weddings is an honor that allows him to witness and contribute to the union of cultures and generations, celebrating love through the universal language of music.

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