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Jordan B

Jordan B Event Highlights

DJ Jordan merges his rich background from the vibrant streets of Toledo to the bustling music scene of Chicago with a singular mission: to ignite dance floors with an eclectic mix of sounds. 

At the heart of his musical journey is a project dedicated to house music, showcasing his ability to navigate through genres with ease. Whether spinning alternative rock, '90s hip-hop, or crafting his own house beats, DJ Jordan's style is unmistakable. 

His commitment to bringing fun, patience, and authenticity to every performance makes him a sought-after DJ for weddings, where he specializes in creating moments of joy and celebration.

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Jordan B

About DJ Jordan B

Starting his career in the competitive Chicago music scene, DJ Jordan quickly established himself as a versatile artist with a project that captures the essence of house music. 

His early exposure to a variety of musical genres has allowed him to develop a DJing style that caters to diverse audiences, making him a favorite at weddings and other celebratory events. Beyond the decks, Jordan's love for music extends to producing, where he spends much of his time crafting sounds that resonate with fans of all music types. 

His journey from DJ Nardo to a beloved figure in the wedding DJ circuit exemplifies his evolution as an artist and his passion for delivering performances that leave lasting memories.

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