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Kahai O

Kahai O Event Highlights

DJ Kahai, emerging from the surf and sun of Kailua, Oahu, brings a unique blend of island spirit and musical prowess to the DJ scene. 

Swapping electrical engineering dreams for the turntables in college, he discovered a profound connection with house music, delving into disco and techno beats. Influenced by the likes of A-Trak, his music is a celebration of rhythm and joy, especially evident in his wedding sets. 

DJ Kahai's easygoing and laid-back demeanor, coupled with his ability to get everyone on the dance floor, makes him a memorable addition to any celebration.

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Kahai O

About DJ Kahai O

Growing up in Oahu, Hawaii, DJ Kahai was deeply influenced by the island's culture and his family's connection to water sports. This bond with nature's rhythms later inspired his musical journey, steering him away from engineering towards a vibrant career in music. 

In college, surrounded by friends who shared his passion, he ventured into house music, with an affinity for disco and techno's energetic pulses. His musical style, influenced by pioneers in the genre, focuses on creating a dynamic atmosphere that encourages joy and celebration. 

DJ Kahai's preference for energetic tracks, like "Heads Will Roll" by A-Trak and "September" by Earth, Wind & Fire, showcases his skill in blending timeless classics with modern vibes. Beyond weddings, his contributions to film soundtracks highlight his versatility and ability to connect with a broader audience through his music.

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