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Kai S

Kai S Event Highlights

DJ Kai, originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, boasts an eclectic musical journey that seamlessly blends his extensive background as a studio drum tech, touring band member, and versatile producer into his DJing style. 

Educated at Berklee College of Music and seasoned in the vibrant clubs of Spain, Kai has worked with iconic artists from Paul McCartney to Slipknot, showcasing his ability to adapt and excel across genres. 

A drummer at heart, Kai’s foray into DJing was sparked by Berklee's DJ program, allowing him to explore music production ranging from hip-hop beats to film scoring. His favorite aspect of DJing is the freedom it offers compared to band performances, enabling him to single-handedly energize the dance floor with a mix of hip-hop, pop, and EDM.

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Kai S

About DJ Kai S

DJ Kai's mastery in music extends beyond the turntables, encompassing a broad skill set in playing drums, keys, and producing a wide array of music. 

His transition into DJing was a natural evolution of his musical career, offering a solo platform to express his extensive genre knowledge and passion for music. Known for his ability to read the crowd and keep the dance floor alive, DJ Kai prides himself on being versatile, creative, and calm under pressure. 

He approaches each wedding with the mindset of a tour guide, ensuring the music perfectly complements the evening without overpowering the celebration. DJ Kai finds joy in traveling to unique venues and being part of couples’ most special moments, always encouraging them to incorporate personal touches that make their wedding distinctly theirs.

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