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Kaleb B

Kaleb B Event Highlights

DJ Kaleb, hailing from the vibrant city of Denver, Colorado, began his DJ career in 2012 after studying Recording Arts and Music Business. 

Known for his deep connection to music, Kaleb's sets are a blend of heartfelt tracks and energetic pop hits that resonate with a wide audience. His ability to translate his passion for music into electrifying live performances makes every event memorable. 

With a preference for keeping announcements to a minimum, he ensures the music takes center stage, crafting nights that are perfectly aligned with the couple's vision.

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Kaleb B

About DJ Kaleb B

DJ Kaleb's journey in music started in his youth, deeply influenced by artists like Kid Cudi who shaped his musical tastes during challenging times. 

His expertise isn't just limited to spinning tracks; he's also adept at creating a seamless flow at weddings, ensuring a smooth transition from poignant moments to high-energy dance sessions. 

Beyond the decks, DJ Kaleb enjoys exploring the nuances of pop music and delving into new sounds, such as the tracks from Toro y Moi. His favorite song to ignite the dance floor at weddings is "Yeah" by Usher, guaranteed to get guests moving.

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