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Luis O

Luis O Event Highlights

DJ Luis is a maestro of melodies hailing from the vibrant streets of Queens, New York, and now lighting up Los Angeles with his dynamic sets. 

With a career kick-started in 1999, DJ Luis has woven the rich textures of Latin music into the vibrant tapestry of old school R&B and hip-hop, creating unforgettable soundscapes. His journey from banging bongos and cajones as a child to setting the stage on fire at weddings and events showcases his innate connection to rhythm and melody. 

DJ Luis is not just about playing tracks; he's about creating moments, weaving songs together that he instinctively feels belong in harmony.

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Luis O

About DJ Luis O

After 13 years in LA, DJ Luis has established himself as a pivotal figure in crafting the ambiance of weddings, distinguishing these celebrations from the regular bar and club scene. His philosophy is rooted in the belief that music, along with food and ambiance, is a cornerstone of memorable experiences. 

Specializing in creating a seamless blend of tunes, DJ Luis prefers the decks over the mic, allowing the music to narrate the story of the evening. 

His go-to tracks like "Uptown Funk" and Whitney Houston's iconic hits guarantee a full dance floor. Beyond his wedding gigs, DJ Luis's most memorable performance took place at the Pantages Theater, a testament to his versatility and ability to captivate diverse audiences. Describing himself as vibrant, loving, and humorous, DJ Luis brings not just music, but joy and laughter to every event he graces.

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