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Lyn S

Lyn S Event Highlights

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, DJ Lyn, formerly known as DJ Stosta, brings a rich tapestry of musical experience to the Los Angeles DJ scene. Pursuing a master's at USC, his eclectic background spans jazz, classical, R&B, and a deep dive into Afrobeat, making his sets uniquely vibrant and universally appealing. 

DJ Lyn's transition from a seasoned vocalist to a dynamic DJ and MC showcases his versatility and innate ability to connect with diverse audiences. 

His spontaneous and outgoing personality, combined with a loyal commitment to his craft, ensures each performance is not just an event but an unforgettable experience.

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Lyn S

About DJ Lyn

DJ Lyn's musical journey uniquely positions him in the DJ world, having evolved from a classically trained singer to an adept DJ and emcee. His passion for music, nurtured through years of vocal performance, found a new expression in DJing, with a particular affinity for the rhythmic allure of Afrobeat. 

This genre's energy and universal appeal became a cornerstone of his DJ sets, allowing him to create seamless, energetic transitions that keep the dance floor alive. Beyond his musical talents, DJ Lyn's proficiency as an MC, honed through his comfort and charisma on the microphone, elevates weddings and private events to a celebration of love and community. 

His musical influences, ranging from the innovative Tierra Whack to the pop sensibilities of Harry Styles, reflect in his diverse playlists, ensuring a rich, engaging listening experience for all. At the heart of DJ Lyn's approach is a genuine love for witnessing the union of lovers, friends, and families, making every wedding an occasion of joy and celebration he is proud to be part of.

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