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Mac L

Mac L Event Highlights

DJ Mac, hailing from the vibrant streets of Johannesburg, South Africa, brings a unique blend of cultural depth and musical passion to the turntables. 

His journey in music, deeply rooted in his family's history of exile and return, infuses his sets with a soulful narrative that transcends borders. Known for his cheerful demeanor, passionate performances, and soulful selections, DJ Mac specializes in creating unforgettable moments at weddings. 

With a love for both MCing and DJing, he excels at setting the mood and tone for such significant occasions, ensuring the soundtrack to a couple’s new beginning resonates with love, joy, and celebration.

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Mac L

About DJ Mac L

Embodied with a spirit that's as captivating as an Eddie Murphy performance, DJ Mac's essence in the DJ booth is unmatched. His love for classic house music, epitomized by his favorite track "It’s Yours" by Jon Cutler, showcases his refined taste and deep connection to the genre's roots. 

Born in the U.S. to a family exiled from South Africa during apartheid, DJ Mac's life story is a testament to resilience and passion, qualities that he brings to every performance. After moving back to Johannesburg post-college, DJ Mac has been pivotal in celebrating the most crucial moments of people's lives through his work at weddings. 

His ability to set the mood and tone for these significant events reflects his understanding of music's power to mark the beginning of a couple's journey together.

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