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Mary Jane H

Mary Jane H Event Highlights

DJ Mary Jane, originally from the vibrant city of Cebu in the Philippines, now lights up venues across Los Angeles with her compelling soundscapes. 

Since her professional debut in late 2018, she has wowed audiences with her unique blend of R&B and energetic party beats. 

Her talent was showcased on the grand stages of Coachella, where she opened the Sahara tent, proving her skill in creating unforgettable musical experiences.

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Mary Jane H

About DJ Mary Jane H

Growing up immersed in music, DJ Mary Jane developed her passion by exploring various instruments and genres from a young age. Her journey from a curious bartender watching DJs at work to mastering the decks herself embodies her creative spirit and dedication. 

Known for her minimalistic approach to the mic to let the music speak, she prefers to use her turntable skills to keep the dance floor alive. Offstage, she enjoys connecting with her Filipino roots through language and music, bringing a personal touch to her vibrant sets. 

Whether orchestrating the perfect wedding or energizing a festival crowd, DJ Mary Jane believes in the power of music to celebrate love and life.

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