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Michael L

Michael L Event Highlights

DJ Michael, who began his DJ career at just 15 years old, has expertly curated soundtracks for over a thousand weddings. 

His innate talent for blending a wide range of musical genres, coupled with exceptional MC skills, ensures every celebration is vibrant and unforgettable. 

Based in San Pedro, California, DJ Michael is celebrated for his engaging personality, flexibility, and deep musical knowledge, making him a favorite among couples looking for the perfect wedding DJ.

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Michael L

About DJ Michael

From his early start in the vibrant locale of San Pedro, DJ Michael has grown into a seasoned DJ known for his dynamic performances and ability to create a perfect wedding atmosphere. 

His approach to DJing is characterized by an open format, skillfully navigating through different musical landscapes to keep the dance floor alive. Beyond his DJing prowess, Michael's strength lies in his MC abilities, where he excels in engaging with the audience and enhancing the overall experience of the event. 

His personal music tastes, including a fondness for Sting, inform his eclectic sets, showcasing a blend of complexity and accessibility. With a passion for the celebration of love, DJ Michael's dedication to his craft transforms weddings into memorable celebrations of joy and unity.

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