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Misha S

Misha S Event Highlights

Misha brings the electrifying energy of EDM straight from Russia to the global stage. 

Inspired by EDM giants like Skrillex, Misha has quickly made a name for himself since his debut in 2018, blending club hits, Top 40, and hip-hop to energize nightclubs and weddings alike. 

With a talent for beat matching and engaging the crowd through the mic, Misha turns every set into a celebration of music's power to connect and uplift.

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Misha S

About DJ Misha

Misha, rooted in a musical family in Russia, transformed his passion for EDM into a flourishing DJ career. Starting in 2017, he quickly evolved from playing EDM and club music to mastering a wide range of genres, making him a versatile favorite for any event. Influenced by the likes of Fred Again for his open vibe and musical prowess, Misha excels in creating an atmosphere filled with positive energy, especially at weddings where he amplifies the joy. Known for his positivity, openness, and honesty, Misha is more than a DJ; he's a musical storyteller who brings people together on the dance floor.

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