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Mo B

Mo B Event Highlights

DJ Mo, born Monique, hails from the vibrant musical backgrounds of Dallas, Texas, and has cultivated her eclectic sound through her travels from Colorado to South Korea and Kuwait, before settling in Los Angeles. 

Her musical journey began in the soulful confines of church, developing a rich foundation in chords and harmonies which she blends beautifully with influences from iconic artists like Missy Elliott, TLC, and Pharrell, ensuring every set resonates with her passion for creating special moments filled with good vibes.

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Mo B

About Mo B

DJ Mo's career is distinguished by her dedication to crafting the perfect atmosphere at any event. Her experience in the military introduced her to diverse cultures and musical tastes, enriching her repertoire from classic R&B to modern hip-hop grooves. 

Whether guiding newlyweds through their first dance or energizing a corporate gala, DJ Mo believes in using her musical expertise to enhance every occasion. 

A skilled music maker, she began producing with GarageBand during her time in Colorado Springs, and her creative talents extend beyond music; she enjoys crocheting in her spare time, adding a unique personal touch to her vibrant life and career.

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