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Nick M

Nick M Event Highlights

DJ Nick, known for his electrifying performances and quirky stage name, DJ Ridiculous, brings a unique blend of energy and spontaneity to every event he graces. 

With a passion for EDM and a soft spot for reggae, his sets are a dynamic journey through soundscapes that cater to a wide range of musical tastes. 

His ability to captivate an audience isn't just limited to his music; as a dancer, he's not afraid to join the dance floor, encouraging everyone to let loose and enjoy the moment. Whether it's a sun-soaked Sunday morning set or a high-energy dance circle, DJ Nick's outgoing, fun, and sporadic nature ensures an unforgettable experience.

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Nick M

About DJ Nick M

From his early days growing up with a fascination for music, DJ Nick has always known his destiny was intertwined with beats and rhythms. His journey into the world of DJing began the moment he turned 16, when he asked for a mixer and dove headfirst into crafting his sound. 

Over the years, Nick has honed his skills, embracing genres from future bass to the timeless vibes of reggae, all while maintaining his love for EDM at the core of his performances. His most memorable event took place at the scenic Malibu Rocky Oaks, complete with a helicopter pad and a petting zoo featuring a giraffe, showcasing his versatility and ability to adapt to any venue's ambiance. 

Beyond the decks, DJ Nick is an accomplished theater performer, having participated in six productions and even dabbling in Mandarin for a role. His dedication to his craft and his ability to engage with the crowd, coupled with his history of opening for icons like Snoop Dogg, make DJ Nick a multifaceted talent in the DJ world.

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