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Peter P

Peter P Event Highlights

DJ Peter, renowned for his eclectic taste and ability to transcend musical boundaries, has quickly become a sought-after name in the DJ world. With roots in Korea and a diverse upbringing that spans Maryland to Chicago, DJ Peter brings a unique cultural blend to his sets, fluently incorporating Korean alongside universal beats. 

His passion for disco, soul, R&B, hip-hop, and house music not only showcases his versatile style but also his deep love for the classics and contemporary tracks. 

Whether introducing timeless Motown hits or the latest in house music, DJ Peter excels in creating an inclusive atmosphere that invites everyone to the dance floor. His knack for reading the room and seamlessly adapting his set ensures that every event is a memorable celebration of music and dance.

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Peter P

About DJ Peter P

DJ Peter's journey from Korea to becoming a prominent figure in the DJ scene is a testament to his dedication and love for music. Growing up immersed in the rich sounds of hip-hop and later exploring the depths of house music, he has honed his craft to perfection. 

Transitioning from a childhood filled with diverse musical influences to a career that allows him to share his passion with others, DJ Peter has distinguished himself through his dynamic performances and commitment to delivering the perfect soundtrack for any occasion. 

Beyond just playing music, he sees DJing as an opportunity to bridge cultural and generational gaps, especially in celebrations as intimate and universal as weddings. With a philosophy centered around music's power to unite, DJ Peter aims to ensure that every guest, regardless of age or background, feels connected and engaged in the joy of the moment.

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