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Purple L

Purple L Event Highlights

DJ Purple Lettuce, born Perpetua Romaine, is a vibrant force in the DJ scene, known for her high-energy sets and a personality that radiates kindness and warmth. 

Originating from New Jersey and now embracing the California vibe, she brings a unique East Coast meets West Coast flair to her music. 

DJ Purple Lettuce's journey from radio curation to mastering the turntables in 2018 showcases her diverse musical palette, which spans Caribbean sounds, Afrobeats, reggaeton, and classic hip-hop from the '90s and 2000s. Her love for music and making people dance is evident in every performance, making her a favorite for weddings and club gigs alike.

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Purple L

About DJ Purple L

DJ Purple Lettuce, with roots in New Jersey and a soul firmly planted in California, has seamlessly transitioned from a radio curator to a celebrated DJ in the span of four years. 

Her early exposure to a wide array of music laid the foundation for her eclectic DJ style, which effortlessly blends genres to create the perfect party atmosphere. Whether she's hyping up a crowd with her infectious energy or setting the mood for a serene moment, DJ Purple Lettuce knows how to read her audience and deliver exactly what they need. 

Her favorite tracks, like "Crazy in Love" by Beyoncé, are guaranteed crowd-pleasers, embodying her knack for selecting songs that unite and energize any gathering. Beyond the turntables, DJ Purple Lettuce is deeply passionate about love and romance, finding weddings to be the ultimate expression of these sentiments. Her commitment to bringing families together through music makes her not just a DJ, but a curator of unforgettable moments.

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