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Rob C

Rob C Event Highlights

Hailing from the vibrant town of Gravesend, England, DJ Rob has seamlessly integrated his passion for music into a thriving career, captivating dance floors across the globe. 

With roots deeply embedded in England's rich musical heritage, Rob's journey began with an insatiable appetite for shows, music magazines, and the latest tracks. His ability to blend new hits with timeless classics ensures a dynamic performance that resonates with all ages. 

From the historic streets of Manchester, where he pursued his studies amidst the echoes of bands like Oasis and The Smiths, to the sunny vibes of Santa Barbara, Rob's DJ sets are an invitation to celebrate life’s magical moments. Whether it's charming the crowd with Oasis's "Wonderwall" or pioneering the wedding DJ scene, Rob brings a unique blend of enthusiasm, expertise, and a touch of British charm to every event.

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Rob C

About Rob C

DJ Rob's odyssey from England to the heart of the American music scene exemplifies his dedication to creating unforgettable experiences. 

His commitment to his craft was further honed at Simon's college in Manchester, a city that shaped his musical ethos. Transitioning to the sunny shores of Santa Barbara for a year abroad, Rob's affinity for music found a new home. Despite claiming to speak "zero other languages than English," his distinctive British accent adds a layer of charisma to his engaging MC skills. Rob's passion for DJing weddings is driven by the joy and positivity of celebrating love, set against the backdrop of breathtaking venues from Rome's castles to California's beaches. His meticulous song selection and ability to read the room make him not just a DJ but a curator of memories, ensuring that every beat tells a story. 

Offstage, Rob's role as a father adds depth to his character, showcasing a man who balances the early morning joys of family life with the nocturnal thrill of the DJ booth.

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