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Robbie F

Robbie F Event Highlights

DJ Robbie Fox, emerging from the vibrant EDM boom during the early 2010s, has carved a niche in the DJ world with his electrifying sets and deep roots in music that shaped his identity from a young age. 

Growing up in a religious household in Hemet, California, where secular music was restricted, Robbie found his true calling in music, turning it into a career that reflects his personal journey and passion. 

His expertise spans from thrilling club atmospheres to intimate wedding celebrations, where he skillfully crafts sets that resonate with the soul of each event.

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Robbie F

About DJ Robbie F

Robbie's journey into DJing began in his late teens, influenced heavily by his experiences at EDC and other iconic music festivals. Opting for a career that combined his love for production and live performance, Robbie transitioned from high-energy club scenes to more controlled and meaningful wedding events in Los Angeles. 

His style adapts seamlessly from pumping up the crowd with beats from artists like Fisher and Travis Scott to setting a romantic vibe with timeless tracks. With a commitment to bringing joy and a memorable atmosphere to weddings, Robbie's approach is all about celebrating love and creating moments that couples will cherish forever. 

His description as reserved, dedicated, and committed underscores his deep commitment to his craft and his clients.

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