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Shanalle C

Shanalle C Event Highlights

DJ Shanalle brings a unique vibe to the turntables, with a rich background in electronic dance music that spans from trance and dubstep to her current passion for bass house and tech house. 

Her journey into DJing began after being inspired at a music festival, leading her to not only spin tracks but also to delve into producing her own music. With a repertoire that guarantees to get the dance floor moving, her sets are known for blending electrifying beats with a seamless flow. 

DJ Shanalle specializes in creating unforgettable experiences, ensuring every wedding is filled with moments of joy and energy. She's not just playing music; she's curating a soundtrack for the most special day of people's lives.

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Shanalle C

About DJ Shanalle C

Starting her musical journey in the serene landscapes of Wasilla, Alaska, DJ Shanalle has evolved into a powerhouse behind the decks, captivating audiences with her dynamic selection of electronic beats. 

Her early exposure to piano and guitar laid the foundation, but it was the electric atmosphere of a music festival that sparked her true calling. Transitioning through various genres of EDM, she has found her rhythm in bass house and tech house, not only playing but also producing tracks that resonate with her unique sound. With over a thousand weddings under her belt, DJ Shanalle's experience speaks volumes about her ability to create a vibrant and memorable atmosphere. 

Her approach to DJing is characterized by her adventurous spirit, caring nature, and a slightly goofy personality that endears her to clients and guests alike. For DJ Shanalle, every event is an opportunity to bring people together through the power of music, making every celebration a testament to love and happiness.

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