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Tay X

Tay X Event Highlights

DJ Tay X, originally from the SF Bay Area and now lighting up Las Vegas, melds classical training in piano with cutting-edge DJ skills to electrify any crowd. 

Her background as a songwriter and producer enriches her sets, allowing her to blend house, EDM, and pop with seamless finesse. 

Whether it's hip-hop or disco, Tay X's dynamic approach ensures each performance pulses with energy and keeps the dance floor buzzing.

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Tay X

About DJ Tay X

After honing her skills in the thriving Los Angeles music scene, DJ Tay X has established herself as a formidable presence in Las Vegas. 

With a foundation in classical piano, she transitioned into the world of DJing to create communal music experiences that resonate deeply with her audience. Her ability to produce and perform across a spectrum of genres—from the rhythmic beats of house and EDM to the nostalgic grooves of disco—makes every set unique. 

Tay X's performances are more than just music; they are vibrant celebrations of sound, crafted to captivate and energize listeners throughout the night.

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