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Theron S

Theron S Event Highlights

DJ Theron, once DJ T2 Nasty, is a standout DJ from Oakland, California, known for his dynamic performances that combine the hyphy movement's legacy with a diverse musical selection. 

Transitioning into DJing to fill the summer of 2012 with rhythm and beats, he quickly made a name for himself, especially at weddings, where his mixes of funk, hip-hop, R&B, and pop create an electrifying atmosphere. 

His ability to ensure seamless transitions and expert song selections makes every event a memorable celebration.

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Theron S

About DJ Theron S

In the vibrant landscape of Oakland and inspired by the local hyphy movement, DJ Theron began his musical journey, evolving from a youthful DJ T2 Nasty to a more refined persona. 

His initial foray into DJing was driven by the challenge of replicating a radio mix, leading him to discover his passion for blending tracks. While he humorously notes his lack of traditional musical talent, 

Theron has mastered the art of DJing, becoming a cherished figure at weddings for his skillful mixes that bring generations together on the dance floor.

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