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Tierra O

Tierra O Event Highlights

DJ Tierra's journey into the world of DJing began at the young age of 17, sparked by the allure and excitement of controlling the musical vibe at a house party. 

By 20, she was fully immersed in her craft, dedicating over a decade to honing her skills. 

Her musical taste spans from the soulful beats of house music across its many variations to the nostalgic rhythms of 90s hip-hop and R&B, creating sets that are both dynamic and deeply personal.

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Tierra O

About DJ Tierra O

DJ Tierra hails from Tucson, Arizona, and has made a significant mark in Los Angeles with her eclectic music selections and infectious energy. 

With a preference for house and hip-hop, she ensures her performances are accessible to all, striving to fill the dance floor with a diverse crowd. 

Her mission at every event is to deliver a music-driven experience, allowing her to connect with her audience on a deeper level without relying heavily on MCing. Her ability to read the room and adapt her sets accordingly makes her a favorite among clients seeking a DJ who prioritizes music above all else.

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