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Tommy O

Tommy O Event Highlights

DJ Tommy is a Phoenix native with a flair for the dramatic and a deep-rooted love for music, thanks to his mother's influence as a music teacher. 

His journey into DJing began in 2015 after a fateful trip to Coachella, sparked by a suggestion that he'd make a great DJ—a suggestion he wholeheartedly embraced. With a style that's mindful, calm, yet unmistakably sassy, DJ Tommy brings an eclectic mix of disco, pop, and a generous dose of Whitney Houston to every event, ensuring a dance floor that's always lively. 

His commitment to playing the right music at the right time, combined with a knack for crafting memorable moments without overshadowing the event, makes him a beloved figure at weddings and parties alike.

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Tommy O

About DJ Tommy O

Born in San Diego but raised under the sun of Phoenix, DJ Tommy's musical inclinations were nurtured from a young age, evolving from theater productions to commanding the DJ booth. 

His taste in music is as varied as his background, with a current obsession for Britney Spears' "Blackout" album evidencing his penchant for catchy beats and iconic pop moments. Over 230 weddings later, DJ Tommy has perfected the art of setting the mood, whether that calls for a high-energy track to get Aunt Vicki on the dance floor or a smooth transition to keep the evening flowing. 

Beyond his DJ persona, Tommy is an avid concert-goer, a culinary enthusiast capable of crafting a mean red Thai curry from scratch, and a movie quote aficionado with a love for '90s classics. DJ Tommy's passion for love, people, and emotionally charged celebrations makes him not just a DJ, but a curator of unforgettable experiences.

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